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Wednesday, 19-Mar-2008 06:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wedding photos..by mr salleh..

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here's are the my wedding photos... hehe nie baru tgk aje still blm edit n agree with the arrangement..saje update dulu..

Friday, 16-Nov-2007 08:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark

CIP's theme for the day..
aida,me n eliza..
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venue: Sime Darby Convention Centre, kl (SDCC)
date: 29 Oct 2007 (should be a last month post actually )

our CIP aka CFSB open house was held at SDCC which is locaed somewhere in bukit kiara..on the 29 oct 2007..i should post this pics earlier but then only today i got all the pics and after having about 15 minutes on picked n choosed session..this is what i have at the end..picking n choosing session will be based on my pics only...heheh
saje je nak inteframe diri sendiri..hampeh aje..nway totally our guest on that day is our entrepenuers, mentors, partners..n some of the guest that i don't know...
n anyway...have a nice look..

happy viewing..

Monday, 22-Oct-2007 08:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
CIP lunch @ Cafe Citron

while waiting for the meals..
still waiting..
it's a lamb..but probably not mine..
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date : 16 oct 2007
venue : Cafe Citron, KL

a few pics of Cradle Team having lunch at cafe citron somewhere in KL.actually it was my first time to be there n of course Johan is our 'cameraman' for many occassions...n this pics is also courtesy of Johan..

Thanks a lot..

p/s: only half of us were there since there were some collegue who's still in a mood of Raya...

Friday, 19-Oct-2007 09:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
beraya@kota bharu, 2007

@umah tokcik
makan kuzi n roti..
dah balik umah ni
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Selamat Hari Raye..Maaf Zahir Batin..

All these are the pics being taken the on 1 syawal 1428 where we celebrated it in our hometown @ Kota Bharu..perghhhh..best giler..walaupun agak2 biase aje every year..but since all of us has grown up so, i thought the celebration will be more merrier..huhu . in the morning after solat sunat aidilfitri, we went to ayah long's house at Kg.Banggol n went to our relatives house nearby. it tooks half day to finish all that.

And at night we are having a BBQ at Wesu's house @ Ketereh n all of us are there..we have chicken bbq and also kerang bakar..kerang is so limited that we have berebut2 to ate it.. what a nice day..ape ni kak mah beli kerang sikit..ish..

The BBQ end up with full of joys n happiness n after that we all just sit n talked to each other..saje suker2 la. abih dah tak ape nak buat lagi..makan2 time pun dah abih..so, after lepak2 about an hour all of us are ready to go back..perut pun dah kenyang..time to rest..

And tomorrow will be another day to enjoy..hehe

Thursday, 11-Oct-2007 02:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ber'Iftar' with ex-amal & ilmu..class of 1995

badge utk masuk..
ramai2 lagi
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the venue : ikea restaurant
date : 6 oct 2007

it has been quite sometimes when i started to leave smpw in 1995..n since that i won't be able to see them again..n on 6 oct we met again..it has been 10 years camtuh..tak jumpe sume org..
so, how do i feel?? rase best giler sebab dah lama betul tak jumpe sume org..n i felt so happy to see them again..glad to see that some of collegue dah ader anak, n ader jugak yg newly wed..n bakal ibu which is my best fren fadd, n ader jugak bakal2 yg akan kawin so soon which is probably be me and iera,nadia n other collegue yg tak dtg ari tuh..

the food was nice..sume ader dari dinner+dessert n of course kuih2..the price per person also quite cheap compared to other places which is RM17. but since we have a gift then the price per person is rm25..still ok la..kalau makan tak berbaloi buat apekan?? spent a lot of time together bcos after taht we went to shop at ikea since ader yg nak shopping2 utk raye kan..as for me..a week b4 dah pegi dah berhabih kat ikea, so dah tak ape nak beli..just spent my time jalan2 n dieorg aje..kebetulan tumpang jart ari tuh..so, ikut jart la..tq cik jart lenkali tumpang lagi..hehe

going home at almost 12 midnight : jart anta..ingat nak ajak2 jart minum2 dulu kat kedai nasik lemak best tuh..tp cam dah letih..so, lebih baik tido la dari g jalan2

so, the event end up with flying colors..huhu thanks to the organizer cik taty for doing all this.. happy to get together again...

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